Expert Data, Telephone or Internet Cabling in Melbourne

Data Cabling

Would you like to get some data points done at your place or in your office?

internet cablingWhether you have just moved in or building a new house, talk to us about your in-house network solutions. Will advise the best way possible for better Wi-Fi coverage or hassle free streaming capability.

At Antenna Plus, we are dedicated to providing phone and data cable wiring to Melbourne homes and businesses at a competitive price. Our experienced, local technicians will analyse and advise you on the most cost effective and long lasting solution that meets your requirements. Save time and money with our superior services that get the job done right, first time and every time.

Our Technique

We use quality CAT5E, CAT6, CAT7 cabling, which gives you higher data rate, speed and reduces interference. These quality cables will not only give you better performance, they will also meet future technological requirements. Be ready for the roll out of NBN across the country by ensuring your business and home are fitted with the best cabling. Choose us for all of your cabling needs and take advantage of our years of experience and our commitment to high quality work.

Are you after reliable data and telephone cabling? Call us on 0425 715 813.

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