Are you NBN Ready Melbourne? Find out with Antenna Plus

National Broadband Network

Within the next decade every home, business, and school across Australia will gain access to the National Broadband Network (NBN) and high speed internet and phone connections. To take advantage of NBN, however, your business or home needs to be ready with the right cabling. At Antenna Plus, we’re committed to getting businesses and houses ready for NBN.

For the Business

For businesses, high speed internet isn’t just cool – it gives them a chance to make their business more efficient and profitable. Connecting to NBN will give your company the opportunity to better communicate with customers and suppliers and move large amounts of data, such as videos, images, or databases, at a much faster speed. Antenna Plus can provide your business with ports and internal wiring so you’re ready when national broadband data cabling arrives in Melbourne.

In the Home

We also provide domestic NBN cabling for Melbourne homes. With the NBN, you’ll be able to purchase and download movies in an instant, chat in high quality video to friends and family overseas, and experience another level of online gaming. But you can only do this if your house is NBN ready. Our professional technicians can install all of the cabling and ports you need to connect up your devices to this super-fast internet highway.

You don’t need to wait for the roll out to get your house and business NBN ready. We’re offering pre-wiring for national broadband network, so your business and home can take advantage of this new service from the moment your premises are connected.

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