Pre cabling during Construction or Renovation


It is a common mistake that we see in many places, where cabling had not been considered during construction stage, this is not only a costly mistake but also it can bring the value down of your property. The builder builds it to last, seal it to protect from other elements and maintain the visual elegance. Though we dislike, in many places that we notice is that the only pathway to run cables is via external conduit and as you can imagine this can bring down the entire look of the place.

Antennaplus has the experience and knowledge to sit with you and pre plan the cabling requirement. We can provide and help you from basic to complex future proof cabling, from IT to entertainment. Whether it’s a house, school or a multi dwelling complex, we have the capacity to liaise with builder and do the needful at different stages.

Pre cabling is a very wise and cost effective move, Antennaplus very much experienced in helping you in this regard. Save yourself from disappointment, call us today on 0425 715 813.

cabling duringprewiring

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