Flat Screen, Projector wall mounting for a better viewing

wall mounting

Flat ScreenWould you like to get your flat screen mounted on the wall and hide those cables? At Antenna Plus, we are professionals in TV wall mounting and setting the picture right in order for you to save that unnecessary space in your lounge as well as give you cinematic experience.

We will provide you with all the necessary cables, leads, mounts, and set top boxes needed to install a wall mounted TV. We’ll hide all those entangled cables collecting dust behind the cabinet, and improve the appearance and safety of your home. As well as securely mounting your flat screen TV, we can also install a surround bar or sound system to give you the full home cinema experience. This full service includes everything from hanging speakers and running wiring to showing you how to use it. Our workmanship will give you the best in-house cinema feel that will make your home the envy of your friends and family!

We can make the difference, whether it’s your home TV or Projector in the boardroom, call us today on 0425 715 813. We are professional and committed to excellence – our goal is your satisfaction.

Contact us for a free quote – Antenna Plus are here to meet your Plasma LCD TV wall mounting needs.

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